You have clients and recently prospected leads that you don’t want to spam, wise decision!

In order to exclude them from your audience, there are several ways :

Option 1: exclude accounts you don’t want to contact directly in Linkedin Sales Navigator

  • Open a Leads Search

  • In the company field: Add the companies you’ve already closed or recently targeted

  • Click on the exclude button as done below :

This will work great for a few companies, though if you have a large list of companies to blacklist, you should build lists of accounts within Sales Navigator, and then exclude them.

You can build them manually, or even use LinkedIn Sales Navigator dedicated CSV Import to import a list of company and/or domains and let LinkedIn do the match into a list of accounts

Build lists such as :

  • Recently prospected (Last 6 months)

  • Currently in the pipeline

  • Already a client

Working at the account level is best as it prevents from the need of monitoring new employees at the contact level. Though, if you want to do blacklist at the contact level, here's another option for you!

Option 2: Create a blacklist directly in LGM - easy and safe!

  • Go into the leads section and click on Import leads and then import CSV

  • Here select and import the CSV with all the clients or recently contacted prospects!

  • If you want to make sure other leads in your client’s company won’t be contacted in a sequence: you can go on Linkedin (import leads -> Import from Linkedin) and look for another persona you might want to contact into your clients’ companies

  • Select the ones you want to add to your Black List and import them into the existing blacklist

  • Keep in mind that this blacklist needs to be updated, as soon as you close a client or you can set a reminder to update it once a month for instance.

Then, when targeting similar prospects for your future campaigns, use the Only leads in multiple audience feature in order to identify leads that are on the blacklist, in order to delete them for your recently created audience :

It will show you the leads that are in several audiences, select them, and then you can decide from each audience you want to delete them from :

In order to use the Only leads in multiple audiences, LaGrowthMachine must identify duplicates first.

How does LGM identify duplicates?

1/ LGM is going to look for Linkedin URLs and match them

2/ If no Linkedin URL, then LGM is going to look for pro emails and match them

3/ No Linkedin URL and no pro email? It will take First Name + Last Name + Company Name and will look for an exact match.

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