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Getting Started with LaGrowthMachine

Wondering where to start when onboarding LaGrowthMachine?

Leads Imports, Enrich & Management

Everything you need to best target and manage leads within LaGrowthMachine.


Use Linkedin in your campaigns and optimize your response rate.


Use emails in your campaigns, setup your email account and optimize your delivery rate.


Use Twitter in your campaigns and optimize your response rate.

CRM & Integrations

Learn how to integrate your event data with other software.

LaGrowthMachine for Teams

Manage multiple identities, handle widgets and permissions as a team.

LaGrowthMachine: Intermediate Level

GrowthTips. Learn how to best manage and optimize your campaigns.

LaGrowthMachine: Master Level

Discover sequences that other clients have created and get Inspired by ultra-performing sequences.

Multi-Channel Sequence Builder

Discover all the actions and conditions available in LaGrowthMachine and build your personalized sequence.

LGM Inbox

Learn how to use your inbox and organize your conversations


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