How to import leads from a CSV?
Using your own data in LGM
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You have an existing list of leads you want to reach out to.

LaGrowthMachine allows you to import data from LinkedIn, but sometimes you’ll want to import leads from other sources (external database, your CRM etc…). This brief guide here to teach you :

  • How to import a CSV?

  • How LaGrowthMachine will automatically enrich your file to find missing emails, LinkedIn profiles, phone numbers, and Twitter accounts.

How does the magic happen? Read-on!

Step 1: Importing a CSV into LGM

1. Make sure your file is in CSV format

2. Go to Leads -> Import leads -> Import CSV

3. Here choose the file you want to import

4. Help LGM to map out the fields you want to import: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, …

If you want to maximize the personalization of your messages: think about defining Custom Attributes in your CSV and importing them.

5. Select an existing audience or create a new one!

Now you have successfully imported your list!

What kind of info does LGM need to reach out to your leads?

LaGrowthMachine is going to contact those leads on Linkedin, Email, and Twitter. You need to give some information so your lead can be activated on those 3 channels.

  • Imports with LinkedIn Profile URLs: The best-case scenario is that you import a Linkedin profile URL for each of your leads: we can go and scrap the public info on each profile + we can enrich leads’ pro email and Twitter.

    You can read more on how we enrich emails here.

  • Imports with emails: You already have enriched emails for your leads. We have a data primacy principle meaning that even if we enrich differently we don’t replace the email you’ve imported.

What happens if my leads don’t have a Linkedin Profile, an email address or is missing Twitter information? Fear not, we have you covered!

For more, LaGrowthMachine automatically enriches data for you :

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