LaGrowthMachine automatically enriches and verifies professional emails. By enrichment, we mean “identifying the prospect’s contact information”.

Depending on the audience, LaGrowthMachine will automatically enrich and verify 10-25% of phone numbers.

How does the magic happen? Read-on!

Finding phone numbers from imports from LinkedIn using Visit & Enrich.

Using the Visit & Enrich actions, your identity will visit the lead and extract contact information.

Did you know that an average of 28% LinkedIn Members share a phone number on their profile (data test on LaGrowthMachine) ? It’s great, but only works if you’re connected with the lead. Most people only share it to their first network.

This is why once you’re connected with a lead, LaGrowthMachine automatically fetches the contact information.

Got it?

  1. 28% of LinkedIn Member disclose their phone number once you’re connected with them

  2. When you’re connected, LaGrowthMachine automatically fetches it!

Finding phone numbers from CSV Imports using Visit & Enrich.

Wait, what if I import data from my CRM, and I don’t have the Linked URL?

Fear not, we have you covered as well :

  • If your CSV contains Firstname + Lastname + CompanyName, LaGrowthMachine will automatically do a search on LinkedIn to find their LinkedIn profile.

    For more information on how we automatically find LinkedIn Profile from import, refer to this article.

  • If we find it, we loop back to the process above.

LaGrowthMachine doesn’t share contact information across users

Some smart folks told us “Wait, automating for so many people, you must have a great database with people’s contact. Why not use it?”. Well, we don’t and we won’t.

Here’s why we don’t share contact information across users :

  • This is not very GDPR compliant - in everything we do, we do our best to offer a GDPR compliant approach to enriching contacts

  • Your information is proprietary, and you probably don’t want to share it. While when you’re using solutions such as Kaspr, Lusha or Prospectin, information will be shared across users, we believe your competitor shouldn’t be able to benefit from your own research.

  • It’s better to have a transparent approach as to how you got that data.

    Sometimes, you will have prospects asking “How did you get my email? How did you get my phone number?” (insert angry tone).

    You’ll have it an easier time defusing the bomb by explaining that their email server configuration allows you to test it, or that you’re connected with them on LinkedIn and that’s how you got his phone numbers

This safe and sound approach means we have slightly lower enrichment rate than solutions that do not respect GDPR and privacy guidelines, but we believe it’s better this way.

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