How does LaGrowthMachine match LinkedIn Profiles URL?
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LaGrowthMachine automatically enriches your leads' contact info. By enrichment, we mean “identifying the prospect’s contact information”.

Most of the time, whenever your import a CSV from an outside data provider or your own CRM, you will have :

  • Firstname

  • Lastname

  • CompanyName

  • Email

  • And maybe the job title

Rarely will you have the LinkedIn URLs? And this sucks, as going multi-channels yields 3.5x more replies.

But fear not, LaGrowthMachine knows how to find back that missing LinkedIn Profile Url!

How does the magic happen? Read-on!

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Finding LinkedIn Profile Url using "Enrich Leads".

When lead enrichment is enabled, your identity will visit the lead and extract contact information.

But what happens when we do not have any LinkedIn Url? LGM is going to automatically do research on LinkedIn using these three pieces of information to find your leads’ Linkedin URLs and depending on the audience, we can find up to 80% of the URLs.

Why not 100%? If your lead left its company for a new one, we won’t be able to find it. The company needs to be the one is currently working at!

If you don't have the Linkedin URL, it's ok, you can contact them with an email or a Tweet.

If you're using LGM's LinkedIn Url enrichment based on a CSV of Firstname + Lastname + CompanyName and emails, then you should start your sequence as shown below

This will allow to automatically segment based on LGM's ability to find a LinkedIn profile :

  • If we find a Linkedin profile, then we'll do start with LinkedIn and probably follow up on emails

  • If we don't find a LinkedIn profile, then we will go start off directly using email

LaGrowthMachine doesn’t share contact information across users

Some smart folks told us “Wait, automating for so many people, you must have a great database with people’s contact. Why not use it?”. Well, we don’t and we won’t.

Here’s why we don’t share contact information across users :

  • This is not very GDPR compliant - in everything we do, we do our best to offer a GDPR compliant approach to enriching contacts

  • Your information is proprietary, and you probably don’t want to share it. While when you’re using solutions such as Kaspr, Lusha or Prospectin, information will be shared across users, we believe your competitor shouldn’t be able to benefit from your own research.

This safe and sound approach means we have a slightly lower enrichment rate than solutions that do not respect GDPR and privacy guidelines, but we believe it’s better this way.

Want to know more about how we enrich data? Read-on :

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