LaGrowthMachine allows you to import leads from Sales Navigator lists and search results.

This brief guide here to teach you :

  • How to import search results from Sales Navigator?

  • How LaGrowthMachine will automatically enrich your file to find missing emails, LinkedIn profiles, phone numbers, and Twitter accounts.

How does the magic happen? Read-on!

Access LinkedIn Using the Widget

To access your Linkedin from LGM, make sure your Linkedin account is connected to your identity and then go to Leads -> Import leads -> Import from Linkedin. Here a window will pop up from the Widget, you’ll have to select the account you want to connect to, like below :

Now you’re connected on your profile, let’s start searching for the perfect leads you want to contact 🕵️‍♂️

Research your leads using filters

You’ll need to use filters in order to create a segmented list. Keep in mind the more segmented your research is, the more targeted and efficient approach you’ll have and the more relevant and personalized your copywriting will be!

At least 3 main filters to use :

1/ Locations

2/ Industries

3/ Job Titles

Of course, if you want to be more precise and relevant you can add other filters, such as Number of Employees in the Company, etc.

When you’re done filtering and segmenting, click on search. Here either you decide to directly import the search, so you just have to click on Import Leads at the top right of the window or you can decide to have a closer look at the leads in the research and to filter a bit more by selecting the leads you want to contact and add them to a list.

Then you’ll import the list. Learn how to do so here.

Beware of the limits when using Sales Navigator

⚠️ When you do a search with Linkedin Sales Navigator, it will show you 100 pages with 25 leads/pages. And when you do the maths, 100 x 25 = 2500 leads in total. So you can’t import more than 25000 leads into LGM.

Of course, there is a way to import more than 2500 leads more filters!

You’ll need to split your research into smaller researches to be under 2500 leads.

For instance, instead of looking for leads to contact in France :

1/ Start with Paris

2/ Then import

3/ Continue looking for leads in Lyon

4/ Then import, etc.

🔥 TIPS: Anyhow, remember that segmentation is KEY (=80% of your work) and if you are doing it right with a targeted approach, then you won’t have a large audience to import!

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