After reading our articles on how to do precise Account-Based targeting with Sales Navigator and how to use Boolean parameters to improve your searches, you’ve become masters at identifying new leads.

Using the Saved Search feature, you can turn these search results into a real automated lead machine, producing new opportunities each week, on autopilot!

Interested in getting new leads on autopilot every week? Read-on!

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What are saved searches on Sales Navigator?

Introduction to Saved Searches

Saved searches is a built-in feature on Sales Navigator that allows you to save searches including keyword strings and filter refinements, so you can quickly run that lead search at any time.

So far it’s straightforward. But whenever you save a search, Sales Navigator also allows you to create an alert frequency to notify with each new leads from a given time period :

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

This is where the magic happens

How to create alerts

Let’s say I have a search set up to identify any new founders/CEO/CTO/COO with less than 1 year of experience. I want to be notified any time a new person appears in that search (namely, somebody that created a new company), I’ll use alerts for that.

Whenever you’re on a finalized search, you can choose to save that search, but also create Alerts

Choose the frequency at which you want to be notified, and you’re done!

Now, if you go to your saved search, you’ll see all the new leads coming up at a designated frequency.

But there’s a small twist. If you go to your saved search and click on the search themselves, LinkedIn will show you all the results for that given search, not just the new one. Make sure to click on the designated number to only access the new leads

Now you’ll see all the new leads ready to be contacted! In my previous search, last week there were 259 new leads to contact! That’s huge.

Importing them into LaGrowthMachine

Now that you have your weekly new results, you can import them using the build in Sales Navigator import feature! LaGrowthMachine will automatically find their email and engage them into your multichannel sequence!

Easy enough to turn these searches into a lead machine in autopilot

Warnings and best practices to turn Saved Search into a lead machine

Now you know how to build a lead machine using ABM filters, Boolean, and Saved Search, you can build a lead machine on autopilot.

Beware though, too much reliance on automation may lead to errors such as :

  • Contacting people you’ve already contacted

  • Contacting current clients

To make sure these won’t happen, have a ready at our guide to :

It’s up to you now!

We’ve shared with you the basics and your brain must be driving crazy with the limitless possibilities. Here’s some more reading for you :

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