Why targeting leads participating in a Linkedin event?

1) It’s an event you organize (a webinar for instance) and you want to add participants to a sequence in order to share content and send them reminders to make sure they do assist in the event

2) You want to target people assisting a specific event because they’re showing interest in the industry you’re working in or in a product/service similar to what you sell. The idea is to identify them and contact them through a cross-channel sequence.

Show me how!

First, go to Audiences and then on import leads and import from Linkedin.

This import can only be done from Linkedin Basic, so open a Basic Search.

Click on Events, and search for the event you’re interested in

You’ll need to mark yourself as attending in order to get access to the list of people attending

Click on the list of attendees, and you’ll be able to import them!

And voilà, you’ll have the list of people attending the event. Don’t forget LinkedIn Limits you to 1000 results, so for bigger events, you might have to create smaller audiences using filters!

Automatic enrichment to find professional emails, phone numbers, and Twitter accounts

Now that you’ve imported leads, you’ll need their email, phones, and Twitter contacts. Thankfully, LaGrowthMachine does it automatically for you :

Don't forget, we don't do bulk enrichment but on an on-going basis as leads are activated in a campaign!

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