There are two Linkedin plans that you can use within LGM : Basic or Sales Navigator.

  • Linkedin Basic : When you do a search with this plan, it will show you 100 pages with 10 leads / page. And when you do the maths, 100 x 10 = 1000 leads in total. That’s why you can’t import more than 1000 leads into LGM with this basic plan.
  • Sales Navigator : since you’re paying, you will get more leads than with the Basic plan. Within a search, Linkedin will show you 100 pages with 25 leads / page, so 2500 leads in total !

🔥 TIPS : Anyhow, remember that segmentation is KEY (=80% of your work) and if you are doing it right with a targeted approach, then you won’t have a large audience to import !

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