It’s very easy to upload your ow n data and enrich it with LaGrowthMachine. Whatever the inputs you have, you can use the “Visit & Enrich” action to automatically get all the social information about your leads.

Uploading a CSV

  1. Go to the “Leads” Tab
  2. Click on “+csv” and select your file
  3. LaGrowthMachine will now ask you to match each column with the pre-existing field. When you’re done, click on “Create Audience”.
  4. The new window will allow you to either create a new audience or add it to the existing audience. Once you’ve chose, you’re done :)

Enriching a CSV

LaGrowthMachine can enrich your CSV automatically if you either have : 

  • The Linkedin profile’s URL of your lead
  • The first name, last name and company name as inputs in your CSV

To enrich the leads, just use the “Visit & Enrich” actions in your sequence.

Pro tip: You want to enrich your audience before putting it in an outbound campaign? Create a separate campaign whose goal is only to enrich a lead as bellow.

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