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LGM Action that will visit & enrich the lead's profile

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When using this action, your identity will visit the lead profile (same benefits as described above), extract information & find his professional email, twitter account and mobile phone.

Information extracted from the lead’s profile:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Short bio

  • Current Job title

  • Current Company url

  • Current Company website

  • Company Industry

Informations we’re trying to enrich from this lead:

  • Professional Email*

  • Personal Twitter Account**

  • Personal Email***

  • Mobile Phone Number***

It is recommended that : 

  1. You always start your sequence with a Visit & Enrich - to make sure we have all the information necessary to proceed

  2. You Visit & Enrich again the lead whenever your lead has accepted your request (Condition - Accepted Request), to obtain their personal email (for retargeting) and mobile phone (for cold calling)

*Business emails can be found for approximately 35% of leads when their first name, last name & company websites are available. As a reminder, we only provide you with emails we are able to verify won't bounce, to protect your email domain. Bounce is the enemy!

**Personal Twitter Account can be found for leads when their twitter account is using their firstname & lastname.

***Personal Email and Mobile Phone Number are personal information that a lead can share with you ONLY IF you are connected with him on LinkedIn. On average, 70% of people will share their personal email and 30% their mobile phone.

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