So LinkedIn has limited the capacity of what you can do for the next couples of days? Let's deep-dived why and how you can fix that!

Whenever receives limit notification from Linkedin, we slow down its LinkedIn actions for 24h in accordance to LinkedIn's recommandations.

As mentioned in the article (we strongly suggest you read it), LinkedIn has "various restrictions in place to protect its overall member experience and ensure that LinkedIn remains a trusted space for all our members."

LinkedIn adjusts what a user can do based on the quality of its interaction on LinkedIn, monitoring metrics such as :

If you’ve hit the limits, it’s probably that one of those three metrics is too poor and LinkedIn is judging that you are not providing a good experience on the platform.

Here are solutions for you to consider in order to increase your volume capacity on LinkedIn :

  • Better segmentation: LinkedIn monitors your acceptance rate and reply rate. In order to improve these metrics, work on building better lists of prospects by narrowing your targeting and double-checking the list before adding them to a campaign.
  • Lower volume: if you’ve set daily limits above LaGrowthMachine’s recommended values, maybe you’re going too fast.”

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