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Mastering Copywriting - Re-engaging leads with the multi-identity strategy
Mastering Copywriting - Re-engaging leads with the multi-identity strategy

Improve your reply by 3x with this great closing strategy!

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You wrote a great icebreaker, explained your value proposition clearly, and displayed industry-relevant strong social proof. Despite these multi-channel follow-ups, you’re still not getting enough replies

Your last resort will probably be to ask if they can redirect you to the right person within their team.

It’s good but not as good as the multi-identity strategy!

Want to 3x your last message reply rate? Read on!

Table of contents :

What is the multi-identity approach and why does it work so great?

As with multi-channel strategies, multi-identity approaches rely on using another team member from your team to outreach to your prospect.

Basically, if Agathe's outreach failed to deliver a reply, then Adrien steps in.

It’s as simple as that. However, don’t just start yet another cold sequence. That wouldn’t work and would just result in pissing of your leads.

The multi-identity approach works amazingly if you play it right. Some rules :

Be transparent on your prospection attempt and flatter the lead

If you’re starting yet another sequence that doesn't take into account your first team member’s attempt, that will look automated. Or worst, you’ll look disorganized!

Be transparent about your second prospect attempt. Own the fact that you’re outreaching again because they’re such a high-priority account to flatter the lead!

Simple, flattering, efficient

This message may look simple, but that’s what’s great about it. It’s human, direct, and flattering!

Even more, if you’re using the right profile to send it!

Use a senior profile in your organization as the second identity

Since the goal of this strategy is to flatter the lead by showing strong determination to meet with them, it works even better if you're using a senior profile to do that second touch, such as a VP of Sales or even the Founder.

Selecting the right profile as a second identity is key - work up the ladder :

  • Identity 1: Sales team

  • Identity 2: Head of Sales

  • Identity 3: Founder

But for it to work, you need to showcase the new sender’s seniority, their job title.

That’s why it is key that these steps should start with LinkedIn!

Start with LinkedIn, fallback on email!

How a connection request looks like

Outreach via LinkedIn is great - any connection request will showcase your bio. Use that to your advantage by adjusting your bio and LinkedIn profile to build trust.

Here, the founder title stands out, and they can always visit my profile to have more info!

After three days, fall back via email. Again, keep it simple and blunt!

Why does it work great?

Because it feels so human and individualized. No current sales organization goes as far as multi-identity strategies, especially up the seniority! It’ll be so surprising to your lead (and flattering), that they won’t believe it’s automated

But, what’s great about LaGrowthMachine, is that you can automate this part as well!

You can do that manually. But in LaGrowthMachine, we don't like to do stuff manually.

How to automate this approach using LaGrowthMachine?

LaGrowthMachine allows you to build a strong multichannel sequence, but using the “Add to audience” action, you can send automatically that leads to another campaign.

Let’s take for example the Email then LinkedIn - 2 Follow-ups example, and modify it to add “Add to audience” action at the end of each branch

Now the lead will be automatically activated by your founder or another senior person in your organization!

Let’s have a look at the recommended automated sequence for your sequence identity.

Very simple, no fluff :

  • A simple and honest connection request :

  • This followed by a very blunt direct message on LinkedIn if they accept you within the next three days

  • And if they don’t accept you, and the last email to close the loop! Don’t forget to add you signature!

You’ll all set for a great multi-identity strategy - fully automated thanks to LaGrowthMachine

It’s up to you now!

We’ve shared with you the basics. Find the right senior member in your organization to use, adapt the copywriting, and just do it. Here’s some more reading for you :

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