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Push information to over 1000 cloud apps using Zapier !

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To push informations outside LGM, you can use Zapier Webhooks. Just create a new Zap inside your regular Zapier account (or any other automation software), then create a webhook and connect it to LaGrowthMachine (settings > webhooks > create new).

You can then add "webhook" steps into your existing sequence: When a lead reaches that step, we'll automatically push its information and a custom status to Zapier. 

It's up to you to push that information to any of the 1000+ other cloud apps available on Zapier. Most popular examples are:

  • Push Lead Status to your Salesforce, Hubspot CRM or any CRM

  • Plan retargeting by pushing personal emails to Custom Audiences on Facebook & LinkedIn

  • Track Stats in a Google Sheet

  • Send a voice message to leads with a phone number ;-)

  • and much more !

For more details, you can watch this (french) video detailing the process, step by step:

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