To ensure a high reply rate to your campaigns, it's very important to make it personal by adding unique details about your lead. This can increase your reply rate up by 183%!

Fortunately, it's very easy to do so at scale with LaGrowthMachine using variables. 

Introducing Variables

Variables are input data that are automatically filled by LaGrowthMachine each time a template is sent to personalize the message. There are two types of variables : 

  • Lead variables (in blue): matching the information you’ve gathered on your lead after enriching it
  • Identity variables (in green): matching the information of the identity sending the message

Each type will allow you to personalize the message at scale.

Advanced Variables

There are as well three types of advanced variables : 

  • Spin: this variable allows you to generate a different version of the template based on spins you wrote. It’s very useful if you’re reaching out to people that know each other with the same template and you don’t want them to see it’s always the same message. In the following example, using one spin variables with 4 spins and a second with 4 spins and a third one with 3 spins, we’ve just created a template with 48 different variations. If I were to send this message to multiple people in the same company, there is no chance one would get the same. Personalization at it’s best!

Using Spin to generate 12  variations of the same template

  • CustomAttribute1 & CustomAttribute2 : these variables are attributes you can personalize per leads. This will allow adding words or full sentences that are unique to each lead of identity, but won’t come from the enrichIn our Advanced Lead Generation Guide, we use custom attributes to explain to our prospect how customers matching their segment use LaGrowthMachine to their benefit. For more research on how to segment and build custom attributes, do check out Dogpatch’s on writing personalized emails at scale.

In the template below :

  • {{customAttribute1}} matches with 3 clients from the same segment.
  • {{customAttribute2}} matches with the value -mostly statistics of improved conversion rate or increase volume- they get from LaGrowthMachine. 

Simple yet effective

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