Whenever you've setup LaGrowthMachine's native integration with Hubspot in your account setting, leads will be automatically synced in Hubspot.

If a lead running in a synced campaign doesn't exist yet in your Hubspot database, LaGrowthMachine will automatically create the lead within Hubspot.

Should you need to find all leads created by LaGrowthMachine, look for Original Source attributes within the contact's properties :

  • Original source drill-down 1 will indicate it comes from an INTEGRATION
  • Original source drill-down 2 will indicate it come from LaGrowthMachine

Now you can easily identify all the leads create by LaGrowthMachine to :

  • Create workflows on Hubspot for automatic deal creation
  • Attribute the lead's future revenue to LaGrowthMachine's channel
  • And much more...

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