You're wondering if you can reach out to your lead on its personal email, it depends on your business.

You are doing BtoB lead generation ? It's a no go for two main reasons :

1/ You’re targeting European people : it is against the GDPR European law. You will be liable if you do so.

2/ Outside of Europe : I would not recommend to do it when doing BtoB : either your lead will think it’s not relevant and won’t answer or worst, it will consider it rude or intrusive and it will get upset, you can be sure you won’t have a good talk after that, your lead will get cold as ice ❄️

You are working in the recruitment field ?

Obviously you need to avoid contacting your lead on its business email to offer a job in a rival company ! In this case scenario, make sure you contact your candidates on their personal address.

It’s not checked by default, to activate the option : go to campaign settings and tick Send email to personal emails.

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