Sometimes, your campaign will stop. Most of the time, it's because:

1. Your Identity's Working Hours are OFF

The identity attached to the campaign can't "work" at that time of the day.
To check this, go to Identity > Click the 3 dots next to your identity's name > Select Working Hours:

You can specify when your identity will start & stop working. If you scroll down, you'll be able to check a box if you want it to work during week-ends (are you sure you want this ?) & the time zone to consider for these hours.

2. Your Identity is DisConnected

We love Linkedin 😎 But sometimes, when you're working too hard, Linkedin doesn't love you & will disconnect your account. To check if your identity is still connected, open your Identity section.

A grey icon means Linkedin is not connected. A blue icon means everything's fine.

3. Your Subscription has Ended

This one's easy 😉

Your campaign will run until your subscription is active. When your subscription becomes inactive (end of trial, unsubscribe, too many payment errors...), your campaign will be paused. 

To Activate your Account, go to Identity > Click the Activate button and follow the guide.

Don't worry, everything will start again once your subscription is re-activated.

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